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If you own a hybrid car, truck, or SUV, it's important to know the differences between your hybrid vehicle and conventional vehicles on the road. At Ray & Roy's Repair, Inc. in Spokane, WA, our technicians are well trained and prepared to service the thousands of hybrid vehicles that are added to the road every year. Do you need hybrid vehicle repair or maintenance?  Believe it or not a Hybrid car or electric vehicle requires nearly teh same maintenance as fuel-powered vehicles in spite of their many differences, surprising isn't it?  To keep your vehicle running in top shape you need to understand everything about it and have a trustworthy mechanic like ours here at Ray & Roy's Repair, Inc. where they are trained in every aspect of your specific vehicle's maintenance & repairs as well as having the right diagnostic tools for the job.

What makes a vehicle a hybrid?   Hybrid vehicles typically have two modes of power production; conventional combustion engines, and electric motors powered by batteries. In addition to all the systems of a regular combustion vehicle, hybrids have a sophisticated electronics system to ensure efficient operation of charging and battery power displacement, including separate batteries, electric motors, and monitoring systems.  The main difference is the battery system and servicing that system takes special trainging and diagnostic equipment like our technicians have here at Ray & Roy's Repair, Inc.

Models  The first car that pops into your head when you hear the word “hybrid” is probably the Toyota Prius. While in many ways the Prius paved the way for hybrid vehicles, these days hybrid technology has been adopted by nearly every automaker, for all styles of vehicles. Full sized SUVs like the GM Yukon, mid-size SUVs like the Toyota Highlander, Sedans like the Ford Fusion or Honda Accord, and even many full-size pickups are now being offered with hybrid systems and technology.

Issues with Hybrids  Overall, hybrid vehicles have proven to be very reliable; the systems are complex, but based on technology that is straightforward and has been understood for a long time. When the electric motors are in use, they supplement for work that would normally be provided by the combustion engine. However, hybrid vehicles have more parts, meaning there are also more parts to replace eventually. The most common issues are battery problems, or features built in which disable the system if something goes wrong.

Battery Servicing or Replacement  While the batteries themselves can be expensive, servicing or replacing a hybrid battery isn't terribly complicated. While it can be dangerous and requires a licensed professional to do so, replacing or repairing a hybrid battery typically won't have you off the road for long. Diagnostics can also be performed to tell technicians exactly what condition your battery is in, and catch issues before they arise.  Here at Ray & Roy's Repair, Inc. we take care of your hybrid battery needs, including:

  • Hybrid Battery Testing.  Testing your hybrid battery is much the same as it is for a regular battery but involves multiple battery areas and a NiMH core
  • HEV Battery Repair.  Hybrid battery repair and reconditioning includes removing the battery pack and NiMH (nickel-metal hyride) cores from the automobile to run a power and energy test to determine your battery’s state-of-health (SOH). The battery is then put through an exclusive discharge and recharge process to increase the overall energy output and cell capacity. Any failing component or cells will be identified during this process and can be replaced as needed. Other components of the battery that support the system are also checked for proper operation. Once that process is complete, the battery is placed back in the vehicle.
  • HEV Diagnostics & Service.  Our team will test your battery system as a whole to ensure we know if your hybrid battery system is okay or needs service. 
  • HEV Battery Replacement.  If your battery is beyond repair or reconditioning, our hybrid mechanics can replace it with a replacement battery. During the replacement process the battery is removed then replaced with a new battery carrier mounting system, new air temperature sensors, bus bars, battery controller, pre-charge system, current sensor, contactors/relays and new battery modules.

Hybrid Specialists  Having your hybrid serviced by technicians trained in the field is extremely important. A run of the mill shade tree mechanic isn't likely to have the experience and equipment needed to properly care for and diagnose issues with a hybrid vehicle, or maintain it in such a way that prevents problems from arising. Our technicians have the knowledge, ability, and equipment necessary to maintain and repair any make and model of hybrid vehicle.

If you drive a hybrid and want to make sure you're receiving quality service at a great price, we've got you covered. Call or stop by Ray & Roy's Repair, Inc. in Spokane, WA today where we have the right technician to take care of your hybrid vehicle! 

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